Landscape grass - playgournd artificial grass

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Artificial Grass

Landscape grass - playgournd artificial grass

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For artificial grass for playgrounds, we believe that safety is the first priority.
This kind of safety is not only the environmental protection, non-toxic and harmless of artificial grass itself, but also a ground protection measure for children who may have accidents.
Using Minghong artificial grass can not only improve safety and ensure quality, but also significantly reduce water bills and high maintenance-related costs.

Product advantages

1.Environmental protection Safety and health
Does not contain formaldehyde, TVOC, heavy metals and substances of high concern. Non-toxic, odorless, and will not produce any harmful or irritating gas when exposed to the sun, safe and healthy to use

2.Intelligent production Quality assurance
It has internationally advanced full-line production equipment and has created a traceable quality management system to ensure the high quality of grass silk; high-simulation appearance, comparable to natural grass, skin-friendly and silky touch

3.Weather and wear resistance
The high-resistance formula added to the raw materials has excellent resistance to UVA and UVB, not afraid of high temperature, extreme cold, rain and other weather. It is not easy to fade. Compared with traditional lawns, the wear resistance and pull resistance are greatly improved, and the service life is effectively extended


Produts / brand

Landscape grass / playground artificial turf / MHG


25mm - 30mm artificial grass


PE Monofilament+ PP Curl varn


8800/ 9500/ 11000


25 mm/ 30 mm

Row pitch


Density / m2

16800/ 21000


UV resistance PP + mesh


SBR latex


Fruit green, dark green, withered yellow


Landscape grass, playground, kindergarten, courtyard, indoor

Multiple ultra-rigorous testing standards escort quality

● 1000+ times a day impact absorption, vertical deformation, anti-skid and wear-resistant physical properties test
● 2000+ extreme cold, extreme heat, ultraviolet, ozone and other extreme artificial climate detection
● 10000 + experimental research and development of exclusive patent formula, to withstand a large number of high-density use of athletes
● Close cooperation with internationally recognized testing institutions, research institutions and industry groups to meet the performance and safety requirements of all users
● The factory's internal laboratories exceed 32 quality inspections, pursuing the highest quality standards

Our quality control

Tensile test

Pull out test

Anti-UV test

Anti-wear test

Flame retardant test



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